Why Elayne Interviews Over 300 Guests Per Year on Her Podcast. –with Elayne Fluker | 015

Full Name
     Elayne Fluker

Other Names

     Atlanta, GA, USA

     Elayne Fluker
     Facebook Mastermind Group

     Instagram – Elayne
     Instagram – SupportIsSexy

Elayne is one of those rare people doing exactly what she should be doing. She has posted an interview to her podcast 5 days a week for over 2 years!

Elayne has over 670 episodes and she’s averaging 30,000 downloads a month on her podcast ‘Support Is Sexy’!

In this episode, Elayne really deep dives into her story of how and why she started her influence.

Elayne’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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