Deep dive into the 'WHY' behind the world's most influential people.

Why do influencers influence?

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On the WHY INFLUENCE podcast, you’ll hear me interview influencers about their ‘WHY’.

During each episode, our guests share their journey of how they gained their influence, why they chose to influence, why they choose to continue influencing, what it’s like to be an influencer,  barriers they had to overcome in their journey, and valuable tips/tricks anyone can use to gain more influence.


There are so many great podcasts out there, but I haven’t come across one (until now) that really highlight various influencers journeys across so many different platforms.
Given all the hype around influencers and social media these days, this podcast really broke down the topic and helped me learn something new!
The whole concept of influencers as a career has baffled me for a while and it's really cool to get a peek behind the scenes into the lives of the people who influence to pay the bills.

John Lee Dumas of Fire Nation

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

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