Jeremy Segal

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BIO Example 1:
Jeremy’s grown over 200,000 social followers while staying completely behind the scenes. He struggled to share. Prior to launching his podcast, he never shared online, in groups, and definitely never on stage.

After attending some local mastermind groups, Jeremy realized how much value he really had; he helped entrepreneurs take leaps in mindsets and overcome major roadblocks. He realized that he’s not alone, there’s a lot of hidden knowledge out there that the world doesn’t have access to.

He started Why Influence to inspire others to share their hidden knowledge and wisdom.


BIO Example 2:
Jeremy Segal has grown over 200,000 social media followers and often speaks on topics related to community building. Jeremy is the host of Why Influence, a podcast and YouTube channel where he interviews influencers on a wide range of platforms, many who have more than 1 million followers/subscribers! Jeremy hosts a weekly virtual meetup via zoom where influencers and aspiring influencers get the opportunity to network in breakout rooms and learn from guest speakers (established influencers).


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