Nate Martin: Learn How to Get 690,000 subscribers & over 32,500,000 total views with Nate Martin! | 083

Full Name
     Nate Martin

Other Names

     Michigan, United States


YouTube: 99Bitcoins
LinkedIn: Nate Martin
Instagram: @nate_martin_99
Twitter: @NateMartin99B

Nate Martin is the owner of BluePolo Media, a video expert and company presenter at 99Bitcoins, and an amazing experienced voiceover and spokesperson talent.

We are honored to have this interview with Nate where he shared a lot of valuable information about Cryptocurrencies and tips to start your content!

When you’re planning to be a content creator, Nate said that you should…

“Be consistent. Sell your service, sell your brand, know your audience, and never, never sell your integrity.”

BE CONSISTENT – you may have heard this before when you’re asking for any kind of advice but truly, consistency is the key!

If you’re just getting started and thinking of being a full-time YouTuber, here’s some really great advice Nate shared:

“I hope that anybody that’s starting a YouTube channel, podcast or anything, would open themselves up and be vulnerable to the mistakes they’ve made. Because if you want to maintain your integrity, your audience, and any credibility, then you need to make sure to be humble enough to own up to those mistakes. So that people can recognize that you’re still real.”

Being a content creator is no easy job. Good thing, we have someone like Nate who’s here to share his knowledge. He shared a golden advice on how to set a long-term goal so you won’t get lost along the way:

“You must continue to look for the next opportunity while maintaining the integrity with the people you work with.”

And if you want to grow further, Nate shared this on how to have different income streams!

“You always have to be looking for more income streams, especially in this economy. The days of working at a factory for 35 years and having a pension and then just being able to live your days out are over. We were beginning to realize as entrepreneurs, especially those that are going to be on camera or podcast, that wasn’t the lifestyle that you wanted anyway. So, make sure that you are cultivating more than one row of crops than you can actually harvest from one way or another. As an entrepreneur and business owner, that’s the only way you’re going to succeed.”

Amazing interview with an amazing guest! It was our pleasure having the interview with you, Nate. Til next time!