Zac Hartley: How Zac Hartley gained 49,500 subscribers and over 3 MILLION total views on YouTube! | 082

Full Name
     Zac Hartley

Other Names
     @Zac Hartley

     Alberta, Canada


     YouTube: Zac Hartley
     LinkedIn: Zac Hartley
     Facebook: Hartley Trading
     Twitter: @zac_hartley

Zac Hartley is a full-time entrepreneur, investor, and YouTuber with a passion for building business and sharing experiences.  Zac offers online classes through Udemy & Skill Share with over 28,000+ students. We had the pleasure to interview Zac and asked him his tips & tricks!

When starting a YouTube Channel, Zac shared that:

“I saw a little bit of traction, and then I just went full steam ahead with it until it didn’t work. And so that’s kind of how I got to where I was at today. When I was first doing this, I was making a video a day about the stock market some aspect of it and then create the video. I would post it in like 40 different Facebook groups, just to try, get some views and attention. That’s how I got the channel started and rolling.

Joining several Facebook groups would be a really big help to get engagement and an audience!

If you’re just getting started and thinking of being a content creator, here’s a really great tip Zac shared!

“What I would recommend to anybody new is if you’re starting a YouTube channel, you need to go join every single Facebook group and online forum that you can find for whatever your niche is. And then you need to create, create a really organic, authentic content where you’re not selling anything and post it in there as free education to build your following.”

Organic and authentic, we got it, Zac!

When it comes to finding your niche, here’s what Zac have to say:

“There are two types of content out there, entertainment content and educational content. And 90% of what you watch is going to fall into one of those two categories. And if it is educational content, then what you need is to be really good at SEO and providing very clear and concise value. My piece of advice would be if you’re going for entertainment, then make sure you’re really really entertaining. And if you’re not entertaining, then focus on education and focus on search engine optimization.”

Lastly, if you’re in the same niche like Zac, and you’re wondering how to offer your online courses, Zac this:

“I never actually thought the numbers would get that high when I first started out, but everything kind of started with YouTube. And then I figured, “Hey, why don’t I condense everything into a course that people can get access to. I tried to figure out how can I give my courses away for free and make it as easy as possible. Skillshare was really nice, because you sign up for a free trial with them, and then you get access to my entire course as well as the entire platform. And if you cancel the subscription before the trial is over, then you just got the entire course for free.  

As for my Udemy courses, they started out as free for the first few months. And now I think they’re only like 20 12 bucks. So, they’re all as cheap as I can make them on the platform. So that was the goal with all of those.”

It was our pleasure having the interview with you, Zac. Til next time!