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Full Name
    Jeffery Tobias Halter

Other Names

     Roswell, GA, USA


     YouTube: Jeffery Tobias Halter
     LinkedIn: Jeffery Tobias Halter
     Facebook: @FatherofDaughterInitiative
     Twitter: @ywomen

Jeffery Tobias Halter is a keynote speaker, author, and corporate gender strategist. He is the author of WHY WOMEN: The Leadership Imperative for Advancing Women and Engaging Men and the president in YWomen – Corporate Gender Strategy. He is a member of board trustees at The Miss America Organization and a former director of Diversity Strategy in the Coca-Cola company. 

Jeffery is already a two-time TEDx speaker. He frequently keynotes at industry and corporate events about women and helping men overcome the barriers to equality in the workplace. He is consulting from a high strategy standpoint, which is also making an impact on organizations. Thus, influencing organizations and their cultures.

In this episode, Jeffery strongly pointed out how you, as a leader in the organization, must reach out on your employees both men and women in separate. This exercise is what he recommends to large corporate clients. 

“…ask a simple question. Tell me about the experience you’re having and do you think it’s any different than men in the organization?”

According to Jeffery, invite the woman for a cup of coffee or in virtual and ask her some questions that would address her current situation as a member of the organization. At first, the woman won’t speak up and stand for their rights. But when you continue to reach out on her, you’ll see what she is going through.

“…ask again. Is there some experience you’re having that I don’t understand? Or that I don’t see? ”

The moment she starts opening up, let her express her emotions. Listen. Don’t interrupt her with what’s on your mind. Don’t try to solve the problem. Just listen.

“And then ask a third time. And in that third 10 minutes, you’re going to hear root cause issues.”

These causes might be from a personal issue or can be existing within the organization. Take note also that everyone will have different answers depending on what circumstances they are facing.

Jeffery mentioned that the most common issue women are facing is how they are being ignored in meetings. Men rarely encounter disparity.

“And so this is where a leader says, I want every voice heard… “

Jeffery also tells organizations to acknowledge introvert men, as well, by giving them some time to contemplate and patiently wait for them to speak up. In this way, they will feel at ease and valued.

Jeffery has tackled many other things to ponder. So, better check it out in the full episode.

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