WHY INFLUENCE: Update after 20 Interviews –with Jeremy Segal

Full Name
     Jeremy Segal

Other Names

    Atlanta, GA, USA



In this episode, Jeremy gives us updates on how the podcast has been going with 20 episodes, how his personal community is reacting, and much more.

Nathan, the guest host, asks Jeremy great questions so the listeners can get the most value possible!

Jeremy shares his strategies of finding guests to bring on his podcast. He plans to get some live streamers to come on to his podcast for the next month. He also gives an update on the statistics of the Why Influence podcast for the past 20 episodes.

He describes his experience when he took a step outside of his comfort zone to deliver a five-minute talk in a podcast conference, as well as how the feedback from his listeners demonstrated that his talk made a genuinely positive impact on them.

He talks about how he found someone who’s experienced in the podcast industry to give his podcast an audit and he shares some of the feedback that he got from them.

“Everybody is overcoming barriers, and in order to do that, they’ve got to have some kind of a step-by-step process to get them to overcome those barriers. A lot of times, they have to give themselves permission to overcome those barriers, otherwise, they’ll never do it or they won’t have the motivation to do it.” – Jeremy Segal

Jeremy is well on his way to reaching his goal of publishing 30 interviews, at which time, we are excited to announce that we will do a LIVE STREAM podcast episode!

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