Why Influence Podcast Update: Jeremy Segal Interviewed 30 Influencers! How’s The Journey Going?

Full Name
     Jeremy Segal

Other Names

     Atlanta, GA, USA


    YouTube – WhyInfluence
    IG: @Whyinfluence

“I didn’t really thrive to get more listeners. This is a kind of self-development project for me.

Jeremy Segal just hit one of his major milestones of getting 30 interviews on Why Influence podcast!

Prior to this podcast, Jeremy struggled to share; he didn’t value personally sharing online. He was able to grow his business account’s following to over 200k, but he would always edit himself out of the photos and videos. It was indeed a struggle.

Remembering his first 3 episodes, he thought he was too uncomfortable and found himself re-recording some of the parts of the interview. After episode 3, he is on the verge of quitting to share online.

But thankfully, here we are! Before, every interview was pre-recorded. But starting with episode 30, he did a live-streamed interview on Twitch – where he has 0 followers.

You see, these things are hard to imagine when he was still recording the first episodes, struggling to come out there and share his whys. But it’s just fascinating how Why Influence have come this far and multiple guests have impacted 100’s of millions of lives, some 10’s of millions, and most the rest are in the millions.

Jeremy’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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