Why Influence: Jeremy Segal on How’s Podcast Journey Going after 60 Interviews!?| 060

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     Jeremy Segal

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    Atlanta, GA, USA


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Jeremy Segal is the host of Why Influence podcast who just recently made it through his 60th episode in his podcast. There are several changes and improvements he had gained in everything he learned from his podcast. If you have been listening to his podcast, you can hear that Jeremy asks for feedbacks because he wants to learn and grow also from his guests. He has been always open and vulnerable.    

In this episode, Jeremy acts as the guest speaker while his wife, Crystal, is host, helping him with the interview. Jeremy shared his experiences and learnings from his guests along with his podcast journey.

“I have had guests that even said, If you walk into a room and sit in the backroom, don’t say anything, you’re still influencing the room by being there, you’re adding that extra person.”

Influencing people does not require anyone to reach a certain standard of qualifications. It is more of grabbing the opportunity to take an action because anything you do might be impactful to someone.

“That comes up all the time, in my interviews is I don’t want to be perfect. People don’t want perfect, they want authentic.”

Perfect in a way that you need to have the best technical hardware or software or being capable of doing good in starting a podcast. You only need to give what you got and as time passes by, you can improve your tools and grow from your experiences. What is important is your heart in every content you are making.

“There have been several guests who didn’t realize the amount of influence that they have whether they didn’t think at all that they had an influence when they had actually a large amount, or they knew they had influence, but they didn’t really know what that meant or how far that could go. I think that there have been several guests that have walked away from a comment or conversation realizing that maybe they have more responsibility or that they have more capacity to make a change as a result of tapping into their community that they’ve spent years building.  Also, I’ve had guests who have thought about it. Think through like other strategies on how to approach their influence.“

“Sometimes I have conversations, like helping them think through. Okay, well, how do you approach tapping into more of that potential income that could be sitting there in an authentic way that fits with your audience, too.“

Throughout these sixty interviews of Jeremy, he had a huge development compared from his beginnings and this celebration is not for him only but with you also for your support and being part of his community. Cheers to more episodes to come!

Come visit the full episode to know more about Jeremy’s podcasting journey and discover how he grew in his podcast.

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