Karla Gregg Shares Her PPSS System in Personal Branding & How She Has Grown Her YouTube Channel to a Million Views! | 054

Karla is a YouTube video blogger, public speaker, videographer, and optimist. Her Youtube channel – What Would Karla Say – currently has over one million views!

Karla Gregg is a social media and personal branding strategist. She worked with lifestyle brands, celebrities, and creative entrepreneurs for over six years. Her goal is to create viral content that builds an engaging audience. She works through one-on-one brand strategy and content coaching, consulting, workshops, and speaking to audiences at conferences and through a community of over 8k on YouTube.

In her YouTube videos, she makes it a point to emphasize always her PPSS system in creating a personal brand.

“…I actually teach this, I do coaching to help people with their personal brand… I call it the PPSS system, where it’s Personality, Passion, Skills, and Story so, I do have them list them out.”

Karla recommends her PPSS system to two types of people: one who is just starting out and the other is for people who are needed to be reminded of where they should be at. She mentioned that in order for you to stand out from the bandwagon, you need to align your content strategy to your personality, passion, skills, and story because that’s what makes your brand unique.

“It could be like, I have a friend who’s a videographer, but he’s also a juggler. And just like those two things, if you mix it in together, he’ll stand out versus another person who just calls himself a videographer, right? So just like finding those little quirks that make you different and really bringing them to your brand.”

“…passions and skills, those two can kind of sometimes get mixed together.”

People tend to give up their passion for a new skill and monetize it. But for Karla, you can combine both your passion and your skill. On the other hand, you can’t just be stuck up in your passion without growing it into a skill.

“Then, really focus on your story, like, why you got started on what you’re doing.“

Your story will be your motivation to continue with what you are doing. It will prevent you from comparing yourself to others because all of us have different stories. 

Check out the full episode to learn more about her works on social media and how you can grow your own branding through her PPSS system.

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Watch One of Karla’s YouTube Videos!
Watch another one of Karla’s YouTube Videos!