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      Aaron Walker

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     Greater Nashville Area, TN, USA


     YouTube: Aaron Walker
     LinkedIn: Aaron Walker
     Facebook: @AaronWalkerVFTT
     Instagram: @isi_mastermind
     Twitter: @vftcoach

Aaron appeared in 2,000 different podcasts sharing his voice and story online. Aaron has built his community which he calls “Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind Group” that helps and motivates ordinary men to become extraordinary. 

He authored the book View From the Top: Living a Life of Significance, wherein he shares his journey and talks about how you are in control of your steps, that even in failure, you can adjust with personal grit to achieve success. 

“It’s building those relationships intentionally. And people ask me all the time, “what would you do better, faster? If you had to do it over?” And it would be, I would spend 25% of my time every day, nurturing and building new relationships.”

A lot of people have been struggling and some are becoming stagnant in life. Failure, fear, and negativity devour their minds, and so their motivation and drive to move forward are becoming a blur. They would probably take a step, but it’s a step they take alone, thinking they can do it on their own. 

“I just want to encourage everyone to think, ‘Hey, I can be hugely successful, but I can be significant all along the way.’”

But Aaron, in this episode, emphasized the importance of intentional sharing and how your story can transform other people’s lives — how joining communities can help one thrive up the ladder. Think of how you can make an impact and the relationship you can build from doing so.

“These relationships serve you well,” says Aaron. You manifest your good side to people and they’ll do the same. You encourage them, and you’ll receive the same thing, too. Sometimes, even much better.

Aaron isn’t wiping out earning money from the picture, but he realized that money is just a byproduct of serving people well. Money in our bank accounts won’t last long, but relationships do — pure, genuine relationships.

In this interview, Aaron shared how important intentionality in building relationships and how your story can actually transform another.

Aaron’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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