Tori Dunlap: How she was featured on Forbes, CNBC, New York Times, BBC, and many more! | 079

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     Tori Dunlap

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 United States


TikTok: HerFirst$100K
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Tori Dunlap is an internationally recognized millennial money and career expert. After saving $100,000 at age 25, Tori quit her corporate job in marketing and founded Her First $100K to fight financial inequality by giving women actionable resources to better their money. She has helped over 800,000 women negotiate salary, pay off debt, build savings, and invest. 🤩 Really inspiring!

Looking for tips to get your first $100,000? We got you! Here’s Tori shared a little bit about her source of income…

“One of the ways I make money as an influencer is straight from influencer partnerships, me talking about brands and collaborating with them and getting paid either for that campaign or for that particular post.”

There you have it! Now let’s proceed to Tori’s advice for those who are just starting out…

“One kind of business mantra is to serve before you sell. And when you’re showing up on social platforms, I think it’s really easy when you first get started to think like, “Okay, I need to sell products”, or build a brand. And that’s what will bring people to my social media, right?” 

Great! Now moving on for tips for those who are more experienced in this field..

“Yeah, I think one of the things that I’ve kind of realized about TikTok is I was on TikTok as a consumer for about six months before I ever published my own TikTok. So, it wasn’t even that intentional. I was just there because it was fun. And what I realized is, you know, what trends were happening, what sort of content did well, and what I realized about TikTok, and a lot of social media is this, it’s a performance, but TikTok, especially if you can show up with like aspirational content, you will probably do well. I started my business on the side and was working long hours and like, boom, look at the success of it.” 

Before this interview ended, Tori shared her golden advice for content creators in general…

“I would just tell myself and any entrepreneurs, “You’re right where you’re supposed to be, it’s happening in the timeline, it’s supposed to happen. Keep pushing towards your goals. 

As Tori said, Keep towards your GOALS!

Tori also shared what it’s like being on the show. Here’s what she said:

“Oh, my goodness. This was great. This was a great conversation. No, I feel really good. I think that these sorts of conversations are things that I wish I had when I was first starting. So, I really appreciate you having me, and I really appreciate having these conversations.”

It was our pleasure having the interview with you, Tori. Thank you for such positive feedback.. Til next time!