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Tom Schwab is a sought-after keynote speaker and a pioneer in using inbound marketing for eCommerce. He was among the firsts to use targeted podcast interviews as the foundation piece in a content marketing strategy. He is also the author of Podcast Guest Profits. Frequently, he publishes in leading business journals, blogs, and magazines, too.

Tom is the founder and CEO of Interview Valet which is a premier white-glove concierge-level podcast guest marketing service giving the quickest method to authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and brands to boost the advantages of podcasting. It is a platform that brings together both the podcast guest and host for six years and garnered 20, 000 interviews already. Tom has guested in over 1200 podcasts!

In this episode, Tom generously discussed four things on how they do their algorithm in finding a good podcast for guesting.  

“The first one is the podcast itself. Do they have my ideal audience? Have they been around long enough?”

Tom mentioned that one of the things they look into is the foundation and credibility of the podcast—if they are a good fit for the podcast theme and its audience or not. They also want a podcast that is committed to doing a podcast because as Tom said, no one wants to be a guest in a podcast that will eventually die after. 

“The second thing is podcasts, when you do a guest appearance on it, should always give you a backlink.”

The purpose of backlinks is to give value in the eyes of search engines. Tom shared that they have clients that use Moz Score and Alexa Score to determine their ranking in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) and then, adjust and do SEO.  

“Third thing is how much do they promote it on social media, or to their email list.“

“Finally, we look at the experience with previous clients.“

There is more to learn in the full episode. Tom has shared a bunch of tips and advice on how to increase the growth of podcasts for you and your guest. You can also check out on Tom’s website for more info.

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