The Purpose Chasers: Mark Crandall On Building Deep Connections. | 044

Full Name
     Mark Crandall, LMSW,               LCDC

Other Names

     Austin, TX, USA


     YouTube: Mark Crandall –          Purpose Chasers ®
     Facebook:                                   @thepurposechasers
     Instagram:                                   @thepurposechasers
     Twitter: @purpose_chasers

Mark is a podcaster, author, community builder, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Purpose Chasers Community and Academy, and he co-founded the Purpose & Movement Mastermind. He wrote the book entitled Embrace Your Past Win Your Future.

He was a former therapist but left his job and started speaking. That led him to create his own podcast and named it Purpose Chasers. The theme of his podcast is to highlight his dark past to help people struggling in their life overcome their darkness too. He wants his listeners to discover their purpose in life and have the drive to chase it.

In this episode, they have tackled building deeper relationships in his online community.

“When I’m approaching relationships… I’m seeking to build relationships. I’m focused on building value first.”

What he means by seeking to build relationships is by still getting in touch with his clients even after the podcast episode. This is how he will build value and eventually nurtures the relationship he creates with them.

“I would much rather have five deep connections than 500 people that have seen my brand, but they don’t really care about my work.”

For Mark, he added that numbers are not important rather he believes that it is essential to build a deep authentic relationship with the people around you. With this, he found that his business got more prosperous and his life grew abundantly.

“It’s not the money that makes or defines the man or the woman. It’s how the money is made that defines the man or the woman.”

Mark wonderfully discussed how a person must be defined in relation to his/her treasures. This is not about the amount a person has made but instead, on the ways and process on how he/she earned the money. Before building relationships, of course, you must know the person first and his/her stand in life. Find people who are really heart-centered and that’s how you’ll make your relationship nurture.

Mark has been amazing with his discussion and has given us new learnings. We must not only entertain our audience but also, we need to create deep connections with them and treat them as a family.

In this interview, Mark shared his tips on how to build authentic relationships with your online community, treating them as your family.

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