Daniel J. Lewis, A Podcasting Expert, Shares His Biggest Podcasting Advice: The Audacity to Podcast | 048

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     Daniel J. Lewis

Other Names

     Cincinnati, OH, USA


     YouTube: The Audacity to           Podcast
     LinkedIn: Daniel J. Lewis
     Instagram: @theDanielJLewis
     Twitter: @theDanielJLewis

Daniel J. Lewis is a keynote speaker on podcasting and social media. He creates training resources and producing tools like SEO for Podcasters and My Podcast Reviews. He also writes in his personal blog about technology, productivity, and entrepreneurship. His Youtube channel currently garners over 7.12k subscribers with 820k views and 158 uploads. 

He is the host of The Audacity to Podcast. The title of the podcast depicts having guts to do podcasting. The podcast also aims to share with the listeners the right tools in podcasting and to grow their podcast channel. 

In this episode, Daniel has provided us some tips on what should be given importance in podcasting.

“…my top recommendations right now are for a microphone. Samsung Q2U. There are other microphones very similar to it like the Audio Technica ATR, 2100 and USB and there’s now the new ATR 2100 x USB, yeah, you’re using the ATR 2100 USB, there’s also the Audio Technica AT 2005.”

Daniel gives emphasis on the significance of having a good mic for podcasting and shared with us his top microphones that are high-quality but affordable. These are very fit for startup podcasters. He mentioned that everything doesn’t have to be perfect at the very start of your podcasting. The important is you have clear content and direction to where your podcast will go. Buying cheap tools is good for a beginner and then, eventually, as you go further, you can level up your materials.

“And then for a podcast media host, I now recommend, captivate an advisor for that company as well…”

“Then, the next thing is you have to launch.”

According to Daniel, having an advisor can make podcasting better. It serves as your gear in media hosting, stats, website, etc. This would be very helpful for the technical part. He also mentioned that launching in a way that you don’t need to prepare first the produced  20-30 episodes. You can even start with a trailer only. Then, plan out the next 20-30 episodes. You can just list it. Again, you don’t need to record the first 20-30 episodes, you only need to list them down. What matters is you know where you will be going. 

“The other thing is to really focus on optimizing that experience for your audience in your podcast on the web.”

Next, to optimize the audience experience, Daniel taught us in this episode how to use an A/B Testing wherein you will group your audience into two and you will examine what part they are interested the most on your podcast. In this way, you will know your succeeding content and the flow of your program.

“So look for ways that you can breathe some new life into the podcast. “

Lastly, this tip is for podcasters who are lost in track and are out of ideas. It’s not really completely changing your format but rather adding up some new things. He said that you can search for new ideas in your podcast by joining events related to podcasting. It could be a Comic-Con or Podcast Movement depending on what you want to grow with. 

Daniel was so generous to share his knowledge and techniques in podcasting and more of these essential tips can be discovered in the entire episode!

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