ThatDudeinBlue: David Patterson Shares Why He Reviews Cars on YouTube and How He’s Grown Over 1M Subs. | 030

Full Name
     David Patterson

Other Names

     Atlanta, GA, USA


    YouTube – ThatDudeinBlue
    IG: @ThatDudeInBlue
    Twitter: @ThatDudeInBlue

Always experiment. Notice if you need to change anything, because its harder to change later on.”

David garnered more than 1 million subscribers since the launch of his YouTube channel, and his Instagram reaches over 269,000 followers. His YouTube channel accumulated 243 million views up to date with his car videos content!

David Patterson is a YouTube car enthusiast who started sharing car videos out of randomness way back in his college days. He’s more particularly known now with his automotive reviews and opinion posts in his YouTube channel: ThatDudeInBlue.

Everything started way back in 2007. He created videos to basically showcase his special effects skills and this random hobby became his creativity outlet. A few years later, his “why” became clearer. He aims to build a more open and inviting community of car enthusiasts like him.

Check out these inspirational words from David:

“A lot of people, in general, have difficulty finding their passion – whether in their careers or just a particular hobby. Just keep experimenting. Don’t feel that you’re left out on life. You’ll soon be going to find your passion.”

“If you are trying to start something, just stick with it – see what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be too hard to yourself.”

In this episode, David really deep dives into his story of how and why he started his influence.

David’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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