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Elsie Escobar has been podcasting since 2006 and has more recently founded a powerful community and movement of 18,000 members called She Podcasts. She Podcasts an online support community, weekly podcast, and live event series for women in any and all stages of podcasting to learn, teach and inspire each other.

Elsie Escobar works in the cross-section of technology, digital media, and holistic living with a heavy bias on podcast strategy and creative use of audio. A podcaster since 2006 and was one of the first female Indie podcasters using audio to teach yoga. She’s behind the Elsie Yoga Class that has now been downloaded over 4 million times! She is also the co-host and producer of The Feed, the official Libsyn podcast.

“I think it was acting… Being on stage in front of lots of people and sharing… possibly my first step was in taking the stage… and at that point, giving voice to other people’s words…”

Elsie said that she is already equipped with experience when she started podcasting. Back in her high school days, she is performing theatre arts. It was the first time when she dealt with a huge audience watching her from the stage. She had years to mold her confidence in acting. Then, she also earned money from it after finishing school.

“And then, the next stage was probably … my yoga classes, my physical yoga classes. ”

She handled several students in her class. It was around 50 to 100 students per day. She said that it started in 2002 until it became a podcast in 2006.

“And then when podcasting came around, maybe I could just record my classes and then that way they can get them like I was thinking of my own students, and saying like ‘you guys, well, you can come to my class, but if you can’t, if you don’t have access, you can take me with you, like you’ve been asking.’”

“So, I started to study up. I got a book on RSS. It really was a great book. It actually broke things down so well.“

Elsie did the preps — like having a website, recorder, microphone, a host, and set up her social media accounts. Confidence was not a big problem in her podcasting journey and sharing yoga classes lead her to create her own podcast. Then, eventually, She Podcast was created to articulate, voice out, and help women to overcome barriers.

The long journey of Elsie towards podcasting was very inspiring. Her experiences were the initial steps for something bigger.

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