Shaun Kelly: How He Grew His 5,000 Subscribers in a Year! | 061

Full Name
     Shaun Kelly

Other Names

    North Carolina, USA


YouTube: KellyConcepts
YouTube: Kelly’s Take
Facebook: The Kelly Concept     

Shaun Kelly is a content creator that does a bunch of DIY stuff, that shares incredible things about his own techniques and knowledge that would help people to become reliable by their own. He also shares ideas how to fix and solve things easily, he is an engaging person who does what he loves to do and help people at the same time. 


In this episode, Shaun shared his YouTube journey on how he reached 5,000 subscribers in one year. He also shared a few of inspiring advice to new YouTubers, and his ‘secret sauce’ to his success. 


Shaun started out by simply uploading videos on his YouTube account, Kelly Concepts, and then came to his surprise when one of his videos caught a lot of views during this pandemic. It’s his “How to make a Stock Pool DIY” video that reached for about 446,558 views. Here’s what he said: 

“And then boom, it was this pop up like $100 and I was like, “Oh wow, this is crazy, it tripled my income, just like that.” And then came January, February. March of the next year. So, I’m a full year in, and I become monetized on YouTube. And then the virus happens. So, people are sitting at home watching videos. And then my stock tank pool video blows up. And so, I go from making, you know, both probably an average of $40 a month to over a few days there for a week, I was making $140 a day.” 


It was really amazing how unexpected things happen just like that. What is shows is that, this kind of success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of hard work, and ups and downs. So, here’s what Shaun have to say to new YouTubers out there who may be experiencing the same thing he did, or for new YouTubers who are just waiting for their “big break”. He said: 

“Learn from other YouTubers, but also look at your own data and what your customers are telling you, your viewers are telling you.” 


Shaun was able to share the importance of authenticity. Viewers would want something original and authentic. Shaun also has an advice for more established YouTubers. Here’s what he said: 

“I found it to be really important to leave comments on other channels. Reply to every single one of your comments every time someone comments on yours. Reply to them, even the negative ones.” 


Shaun was able to share the importance of having an interaction with your viewers. Viewer interaction isn’t just about immediate gratification. Listening and interacting to viewers can help the content creator determine what’s important to their prospects.  
In this last part of the podcast, Shaun was able to share how he reached 5,000 subscribers in just a year! Here’s his ‘secret sauce’:  


“I think it just goes back to you, just got to post, you just got to get going on it. And I would say some of my key like points that I would, that I follow every single week for myself is: you got to keep posting. So, you got to start posting then you got to keep posting. I do mine every Friday every, every single week. I don’t miss one.” 

There we have it! To everyone out there who has just started out their YouTube account, and to everyone who feels like giving up their content because nothing seems to be happening, just keep posting! Success doesn’t happen overnight, you just have to be passionate enough to keep going. And someday, your success will happen too. 

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