SAMBEAWESOME: Why Draw Art On Twitch? –with Sam Segal | 001

Full Name
     Samantha Segal

Other Names

     Carlsbad, CA, USA



Sam from SamBeAwesome has been influencing for a long time. She’s grown a rather large audience on DeviantArt with over 350,000 page views. Her YouTube channel has over 700,000 views as well. (As of the making of this episode)

Sam talks about her battles with doing what’s right for her audience and what’s right for her. Once she shifted to focusing on herself and her community, she’s felt much more fulfilled and motivated.

Advice: Take care of your health! Social media can be demanding, but it’s important to remember to take breaks, to eat and drink, take vacations, and stretch! Stay on top of your health.

Listen to the episode to learn more.

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