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Sabby from The SabbyBG Show is a Marketing Expert. He is the founder of ‘Republic of Creators’ and the content creator of the ‘The SabbyBG Show’ on YouTube that reached over 271,000 subscribers and over 37,500,000 million views!

In this interview, Sabby shared with us his source of income… Here’s what he said:

“I think Jeremy, even when you’re starting a new channel, like for example, Republic of creators, a very new brand of mine.. I reached out to a big microphone company, and I gave them something and they sent me $10,000 worth of goodies just to say thank you. I reached out to TubeBuddy, you know, who is an amazing, amazing platform. And they gave me completely free access to, you know, TubeBuddy to test it out and kind of stuff like that. So if even if you’re a small content creator, let’s say you’re even at hundred subscribers, 500 subscribers.. I did a whole presentation actually last week on how you work with brands, just start giving value first and start making sure that they get to know you that you exist, you may have five subscribers, but you make a content.”

That was really inspiring. Sabby also shared his piece of advice for starting YouTubers out there…

You have to start. I’m not saying start with a strategy in mind if you’re not a business person, you’re not starting a YouTube channel with the strategy in mind and how video strategy can help you but if you just want to be seen, you want to be heard. You want to leave a legacy, you want to create videos for fun, whatever that may be, obviously start.

Right! Thanks for that Sabby. It is true that all you need to do is get started.

Sabby also shared his thoughts and advice for a more established YouTubers out there….

To be honest, nobody knows the answer to that, like clearly. Right? There’s some creators who have just 10 videos and they’re sitting at 4 million. There was this lady I forgot her name, and she produced her first video quarter 1.7 million views and 800,000 subscribers. And sometimes I also have some people that I know they’ve made over 500 videos, and they only have 200 subscribers.

That’s true. What works for someone else, might not work for you. But don’t lose hope. If you’re passionate enough, you’ll surely reach your goals.

Before this interview ended, Sabby shared his last words for content creators in general…

“Whatever it takes you to convert, do it. And just learn. And that’s all I would say. You can motivate somebody by just saying, “Oh, it will do good, you have to be self mode”. You will be self motivated one day by seeing something that converts you. So whatever it takes to get you there, just do it.”

You read that right. WHATEVER it takes! Just keep on going!

Sabby also shared his feedback on what it’s like being on the show! Here’s what he said:

“I am so inspired by what you do. So I don’t think I have any feedback for how you do things. The systems that you have in place are so impeccable, like your forms, your feedback forms, the way you conduct your meetings, the way you record and conduct and how you produce your content.”

Thank you for such positive and encouraging feedback, Sabby. It was our pleasure having the interview with you. Til next time!

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