Rob Balasabas: How He Reached 2,500 Subscribers in a year! | 067

Full Name
     Rob Balasabas

Other Names

      Vancouver, Canada 


YouTube: Rob Balasabas
Twitter: Rob Balasabas

Rob Balasabas is a Brand Evangelist at Tube Buddy. He speaks at various conferences, summits, podcasts, and live stream interviews. He also makes a lot of YouTube videos about marketing, creation strategies, live-streaming tips, as well as tools & software reviews and has reached over 100,000 views! Besides all that, he’s also a full-time amazing dad! In this interview, Rob shared with us his source of income as a brand evangelist at Tube Buddy. Here’s what he said:
”I guess outside my tube buddy salary, and as a content creator, affiliates is definitely one that I would probably say is the primary revenue channel as a content creator. So affiliates for live streaming tools. You know, all the different tools that I use. So that’s, that’s probably for my YouTube channel.”
Thanks for sharing that, Rob! He also shared his advice for starting YouTubers, and for those who are thinking of starting their channel…
“If you’re starting from no channel, create your content, create your channel. You know, think of one topic, one main topic, that you want to talk about. If you’re really serious about growing a YouTube channel, you want to be very focused with your channel.”
We definitely agree with you, Rob. It’s good to think of one main topic, focus on that, and everything will fall into place. Rob also shared his thoughts and advice for a more established YouTubers. Here’s what he said:
“How do you approach somebody above you, whoever you’re answering to, say like, “Hey, it’s okay for me to do this.” So the first thing is if you work for a brand that is not comfortable for you to build your own personal brand, then that’s just something you have to think about, right? You know, if you work for Facebook, or Google, like you’ll see their speakers, and if you go to conferences and stuff, there are speakers that are represented there from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram. You know, if you’re working for a brand that’s not comfortable. You just have to kind of think about that.”
Before this interview ended, Rob shared his advice for content creators in general…
”The best way to do is just to create content. So whether it’s YouTube, or Facebook, or Instagram stories, just create content. The more content you create, the better you get, I think it’s like the quantity brings to quality.”
Great advice, Rob! We agree, just get started. Don’t be afraid of the possible obstacles or failures, because that’s part of success! You’ll never know if you don’t try. So just create content that you’re passionate about. That passion will lead you to your channel’s success. Rob also shared his experience on what it’s like being on the show! Here’s what he said:
“I love the meetup. But make someplace where they can get more access to you. I think that’s definitely something I would consider if I were you, from what I see, some type of community that’s paid and gated, where you show up, maybe more smaller group kind of thing.”
Thank you for such positive feedback, Rob! We loved having you on the meetup too.

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