Rich Cardona Shares His Strategies On How He Gained His 15,000 Followers On LinkedIn. | 055

Rich Cardona is known to be sharing great videos in his LinkedIn account which has gained over 15k followers! He is also the CEO and Founder of Rich Cardona Media which offers its clients a quick yet excellent work worth of social-media-ready video content with a theme of storyteller for the personal brand.

Rich hosts a show entitled The Leadership Locker that tells stories through video-making and he has mastered discipline and leadership when he was still a Marine Corps Aviator.

In this episode, Rich shared his strategies in using LinkedIn as a platform and how it works.

“LinkedIn is not only a good spot, but it’s changing. It’s not as professional and buttoned up as people thought it or as it was. It gives people like me an opportunity and people like you who look for good authentic content. Like it’s easier to find now than I think it was probably a couple of years ago.”

“LinkedIn is truly a great growth engine for anyone trying to build their personal brand and company brand through their personal brand.”

He mentioned that he had tested on LinkedIn the different techniques to improve his videos, pictures, captions, articles, etc.

“If you want to build connections, you probably want to build connections with people that are in your industry or people that interests you or people that you, quote-unquote aspire to be.”

According to Rich, this will help you grow your engagements and increase your knowledge in the field you are taking. You are able to be updated with the topics and the personnel in the industry you want to be at. And when they visit your profile, they will know your interests and eventually might want to connect with you, too. Just keep in mind to make your account presentable so that they will have a good impression on you.

“It’s a complete red flag for me, just for me personally, ‘Hey, I’m all about people connecting step one like this post, number two comment on this post number three, connect with everyone in the comments.’“

On the other hand, the common mistakes that Rich has observed on LinkedIn is growth hacking. Having tons of connections does not mean that they are following. He also mentioned another common mistake.

“How to actually swap that is selling no matter how good the intent is on LinkedIn, no one wants to be sold to.”

People on LinkedIn wanted to build relationships and not to do business. It is not like Instagram and Facebook wherein you can invite people to check your offers. It is a little bit more old fashioned on LinkedIn.

“If I make a post, and people liked it, I always at the end of the day, go to likes and scroll down and if they’re second-level connections, I connect with them or I invite them to connect. And the reason is you’re inviting them to like your content more. They already gave you a signal that they enjoyed your content. So why wouldn’t you invite them again?”

Rich also has addressed how he sends connection requests in inviting people. Listen to the full episode to learn more advice from Rich when it comes to leveraging your LinkedIn account.

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