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Full Name
     Nicole Sanchez

Other Names

 San Francisco, California


YouTube: YayOrNayNicole
Instagram: YayOrNayNicole

Nicole Sanchez is a live video creator and host, she’s also a video marketing and social media strategist, presentation design and development expert, and a YouTube content creator. Her YouTube channel, ‘Yay or Nay Nicole’ has over 1,600,000 views! Wow. 🤩

Looking for tips on how to earn money as a YouTuber? Well, we got you covered! Nicole shared her experience…

“So, when I started, everybody was monetized. But it was like, nothing. I mean, it’s really nothing. So, you know, the YouTube AdSense is a little part of it. But I started getting some sponsored videos here and there. I’ve had some, agencies and brands reach out, you know, and that’s nice. And then affiliate links. I mean, I should have done that a lot earlier, I just never did, I just didn’t even think about it.” 

Done taking notes? We will now move on to Nicole’s advice for those who are just starting out as a Content Creator…

“I’d say do some research before you get started. Just because I know I seriously grabbed my husband’s camera, I filmed something and I taught myself to video edit, I had no idea. And I had no idea of how YouTube worked. And there are such great resources now out there for you. I just think there’s so much free content out there.. Video Creators, I mean, that you can go and kind of get an idea of what you should do to set yourself up for success. And it’s not all about the best equipment and the great lighting. I mean, you need to have good lighting and good audio and decent. But it’s really about the content and figuring out more narrowly what you want to talk about. 

Great advice! People tend to focus more on having the best equipment that they often forget what’s really important.. the message and the purpose of their content.

Looking for tips on how to grow your audience? Of course Nicole shared really great advice for those who are established on YouTube too…

“The one thing I think that holds me back is the amount of content I’m putting out. I do about one video a week ish. But that’s because it’s not my full time thing. And that’s one thing people have to understand, it takes a lot of time. Because you want to do a really good video, you need to do your research, then you shoot it, then there’s the editing, and I do some cooking videos sometimes and cooking videos can take 10 to 12 hours to edit because you have so many cuts. So, I think people have to know going in you know how much time this really, really takes. 

You really need to be committed when you started your own YouTube channel, or if you’re simply posting videos on different social media platforms, it really takes a lot of time and effort.

Before this interview ended, Nicole shared her golden advice for content creators in general…

“I would say, do what you want to do. Don’t worry so much about what everyone else thinks. Because there’s some videos that I watched with production value and is not good. But the information that’s so interesting to me, you know what I mean? I mean, of course, do your best, but don’t worry too much.”

As long as you’re giving your 100%, you’re on the right path. Just keep going! Keep on creating content!

Nicole shared what it’s like being on the show, here’s what she said:

“Oh, super positive. Super well organized. You’re a wonderful host. Good questions. I think you’re really doing a valuable service for people because this is the kind of thing that didn’t really exist back when I started, you know what I mean? There are a couple of channels that kind of help. But you know, getting this kind of input from people is so helpful because I found that when I listen to these kinds of things, even if 90% of it doesn’t apply, I always get something out of it. And it’s something you can have on as you’re doing the dishes of laundry or whatever, and you’ll get something out of it will be something that makes you think.. So I think it’s been fantastic. And I’m really appreciative that you had me on.” 

It was our pleasure having the interview with you, Nicole. Thank you for such positive feedback.. Til next time!

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