Nicole Gibson Shares Her Mission as a Messenger of Love and Human Potential. | 026

Full Name
    Nicole Gibson

Other Names

     Queensland, Australia



Nicole Gibson is the CEO and Founder of a non-profit social movement called Love Out Loud. Her mission is to spread acknowledgement, love, and acceptance.

She has over 4,000 Instagram followers and 5,000 Facebook followers.

Love Out Loud aims to impact 350 million people or 4% of the global population by the end of 2020 by giving them strategies on how to live their lives and run their businesses from a place of love and compassion.

She says that the great thing about doing her work as a speaker and even as a facilitator is she is constantly impacting people without necessarily even getting to meet them.

Her massive experience of understanding what’s important in life, going through various mental health challenges and pretty significant eating disorder through her teenage years made her realize by the time she chose recovery from that that there was no point or fulfillment in following a lack of anything superficial. This sent her to the path of sending her message out to people.

“You’re already influencing. You might not be aware that you’re influencing, but even by walking into a room and saying nothing, you’re influencing the room.”

In this episode, Nicole really deep dives into her story of how and why she started her influence.

Nicole’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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