Matt Whitman Shares His Why Behind The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast. | 021

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Full Name
    Matt Whitman

Other Names

    South Dakota, USA



Matt Whitman is the host of The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast. He has a YouTube channel with over 70,000 YouTube subscribers. He is a co-host with Destin Sandlin of SmarterEveryday, who has over 7 million YouTube subscribers, on a podcast called No Dumb Questions that has over 1300 iTunes reviews!

In this episode, Matt talks about his fascination with the Bible and the history surrounding it. He tries to get a common baseline of facts and make it something that is a good resource for both believers and non-believers.

He shares some of the things that he went through and the strategies he used to overcome his difficulties and become more engaging in his podcast. He also gives great tips to help new and aspiring influencers with the content they put out.

In this episode, Matt really deep dives into his story of how and why he started his influence.

Matt’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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