Mark Metry Shares Why His Humans 2.0 Podcast Feels Like an Unstoppable Hurricane! | 019

Full Name
     Mark Metry

Other Names

     Boston, MA, USA



Mark Metry is the host of Humans 2.0 podcast. Mark’s primary goal is to help people eliminate their internal enemies so they can live a life of mental and emotional freedom. Mark’s podcast is having a real impact and is currently getting tens of thousands of downloads per episode with some episodes hitting hundreds of thousands of downloads.

In this episode, Mark shares how he dealt with his struggles in life despite his success at a young age. During this time, the way that he coped with it was by binge eating which resulted in gaining weight. He quickly realized the problem and started researching how to lose weight which eventually led him to find a diet that advocates for mental performance.

Mark started sharing his personal self when he began to start his podcast. He started getting questions from people about himself and so he started talking about himself on the podcast which took everything to a different level.

Mark says that podcasting has helped him defeat his social anxiety. He found out that the thing that you’re worried about is what’s actually the thing that you need to bring into the world. For him, social anxiety was not the actual problem, but the problem was thinking that he had a problem because he was socially anxious.

Mark shares a great quote that says, “Numbers don’t have any meaning without context.” He doesn’t really put too much attachment on his podcast downloads but from the relationships that he’s built with his guests that have helped him move his career.

His advice is don’t just try to be an influencer, don’t just try to talk if you don’t have anything to say, but find a medium, stick with it, and use it as a form for yourself to really express yourself, put it up online, and see what kind of people you attract.

In this episode, Mark really deep dives into his story of how and why he started his influence.

Mark’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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