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     Arizona, USA

     IG: @lobrotv
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“Think bigger for yourself.”

Loren has built an amazing community on Twitch. With his over 5,000 followers on Twitch and an amazing number of followers on Instagram, he truly has built a strong community to whom he can share his story to inspire and let everyone know that their stories are worth sharing, too.

At first, he wasn’t intentional about sharing his life online. “Do you somehow do things unconsciously and then later ask yourself why you did it?” says Lobro. To him, it just came naturally as he loves experimenting and figuring out what’s the next fun thing he can do. Different kinds of barriers, fears and hindrances didn’t stop him from being the Lobro that he is today.

In this particular interview, we’ll be exploring why he shares, what barriers he’s had to overcome, unintended consequences he’s encountered, and some tips/tricks he has for others to grow their impact online.

Lobro is a host of the Neon Positivity Show & Founder of the Wave Riders Society.

“Believe that you can do more than you can. We are capable of so much more and our goals can be bigger than what we think they already are.”

“You’ll soon find yourself in a better place.”

In this episode, Lobro really deep dives into his story of how and why he started his influence.

Lobro’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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