Humans 2.0: Mark Metry Shares His View On This Pandemic And A Reminder To Take Care Of Our Whole Being. | 040

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     Mark Metry

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     Boston, MA, USA


     Podcast: Humans 2.0
     LinkedIn: Mark Metry
     Instagram: @markmetry
     Twitter: @markymetry

Mark Metry is an author, podcast show host, public speaker, and podcast strategist. He’s the host of the Global Top 100 Humans 2.0 Podcast. Mark is also a TEDx speaker who just released his new book entitled “Screw Being Shy.” He’s also a comeback guest from Why Influence episode 019

Mark Metry, through his podcast called Humans 2.0, aims to help people eliminate their internal enemies so they can live a life of mental and emotional freedom. Mark’s podcast is having a real impact and is currently getting tens of thousands of downloads per episode with some episodes hitting hundreds of thousands of downloads. 

For this episode, hear him talk about some great insights from his book, the negative and positive sides of Coronavirus, and how this time is the perfect time for you to share your voice!

“I hope that this time also just makes you realize how serious our health needs to be.”

In times of health crisis where most people only see the negativities, Mark decides to look at it once again on its positive side. Many of us are scared of coronavirus due to the number of people who died upon being infected. Such a situation indeed is indeed frightening. We do not know when it will end, or will we be able to survive not getting the infection until it’s gone.

Fact check: WHO said most people who died from this new Coronavirus (COVID-19) are the ones with a weaker immune system and with previous medical conditions.

“I believe 9,000 people have died from Corona, and yet every year, 11 million people die from diseases related to a bad diet.”

This is a great reminder of how important our health is. Not only that, but this pandemic also reminds us so much of the small things: washing our hands, stocking up food in our pantry, drinking vitamins and strengthening our immune system, eating healthy home-made food, slowing down, and spending time with the family. This feels like an awakening call for everyone to focus on what matters the most.

“Whatever happens, happens. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the world… Maybe we’re all gonna live in virtual reality. I have no idea. And so I think I just have some core foundations which are like mental health, psychological well-being, transformation, entrepreneurship and how that correlates with mental health.”

Come to think of it — how prepared are we, individually, at a time like this? Mark gives us very resounding advice to focus on building the core foundations that would keep us firm despite these trembling seasons. Keeping our mental health, psychological well-being, transformation, and physical health intact are just some of the many things we could do while we are on a worldwide lockdown.

“Don’t think you have to do everything. Don’t think you have to start a YouTube channel. Don’t think you have to record yourself. Don’t think you have to live stream. Maybe you’re super shy. And maybe you’re just a good writer. So just start writing, whether it’s tweets or articles or a book, or a document or a white paper. Do that.”

“I think the biggest thing is to go with the path of least resistance when it comes to marketing, in terms of your communication method.”

On a more positive viewpoint, this time to #StayHome can be a great opportunity for you to share and inspire on or offline. Take this time to evolve and upgrade to your 2.0 version. What are you going to do? What do you love doing? Everyone has a story to share. How are you going to share yours? Start from something you’re comfortable with doing, something of least resistance as Mark has mentioned.

In this interview, Mark shared the importance of building a firm core foundation — mentally, emotionally, and physically — that would prepare us at times like this.

Mark’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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