Don Atlas: The Creator of ‘TheMambaAtlas’ reached over 41,500,000 million views! | 078

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     Don Atlas

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 United States


YouTube: TheMambaAtlas
Instagram: Don.Atlas

Don Atlas is the Content Creator of the ‘The Mamba Atlas’ on YouTube that was created in 2017 and already got 462,000 subscribers and over 41,500,000 million views! That was fast 😧 If you’re planning to start your own channel, we’re sure this advice from Don will surely help you…
“YouTube now more than ever is such a different platform. Anyone that wants to start, I’m sure you know, for example, Mr. Beast, he’s one of the most like, knowledgeable people about the platform. I really respect the way you can tell you’re a student of the game, that’s one of the biggest traits, the biggest qualities. I think you need to grow here, you got to be a student of the game. And what I mean by that is for example, sometimes in my free time, I’d scroll my phone and go on YouTube, see what’s trending, like shopping around looking at titles, looking at thumbnails. Of course, never copy, but get some inspiration, get an idea, then attack. 
That’s right. Take the time to do some research before you start. Now if you’re done taking notes, let’s move to Don’s tips on how to grow your audience if you already started your channel…
“I could probably add back to the thing about what I’d advice new YouTubers is… Even though we borrow, we never copy because if you copy, it’s gonna be hard to grow. And that’s in anything. Even if it’s YouTube, Podcasting or anything. If you’re a carbon copy of the next man, or the next woman, it’s gonna be hard to grow. So, with that being said, I learned early on that I had to be different. 
Originality is always the key! It’s great to get ideas from other content creators but never fully copy someone else’s content.. Now we know you’ve been waiting for this part.. “How much does a YouTuber earn on YouTube?” Don shared his experience…
“When I started out, I used to just honestly rely on Google AdSense to do to get paid from YouTube. And that’s fine. You guys understand that it’s not the only way to get paid. So, I was primarily getting paid from AdSense, which is why I’m now looking into multiple streams. I’ve looked into Amazon Affiliates, because I heard that’s a pretty good thing. If you’re new, you can list every single product, like let’s say.. like some blue light glasses, or I have my camera, I can list that in the link in the description. And the people that click on and buy your product, you’ll get a commission. So, Amazon Affiliates is an example of just the multiple channels.” 
Before this interview ended, Don shared his golden advice for content creators in general…
So, the point I’m trying to make is do not let anything or any person hold you back.” 
Simple and straight to the point! Don also shared what it’s like being on the show. Here’s what he said:
“Well, I will say you did like pretty much what you need to do, you don’t really leave dull moments, you smartly follow the questions. That’s good.”
It was our pleasure having the interview with you, Don. Thank you for such positive feedback.. Til next time!

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