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David Markovich is a marketer, community builder, and consultant. He is the founder of  Online Geniuses with over 25,000 members in his digital marketing community. He is also the co-founder of 18percentcommunity which is a mental health community and CoronaHub which is also an online community dedicated to confronting the massive worldwide burden caused by the Coronavirus.

As an expert in building communities, David shared some tips on how to create one and consistently grow it into a larger number. One of them is determining the right application to use for your community.

“Anything under like 200 people, I usually choose WhatsApp. I think they’re getting it on their phone and their notification provides better engagement and for anything bigger, I use Slack.”

According to David, WhatsApp is good for those who are just starting to create a community because the features of the application are suitable for small communities. Then, you can switch to slack when your community begins to grow bigger.

“Don’t charge. Get everyone in and then, figure out what to do with monetization.”

David has testified that it is a disadvantage for the growth of the community to charge them. Many people start giving charges once they had huge members in the community. One reason is to avoid spams or to filter other stuff but this is actually wrong. Giving a price will only hinder your community to grow bigger. He said that he prefers a community free of charge. He practically does other ways to prevent spams in their community and keep high-quality standards inside.

“There’s a website called explodingtopics.com—and also Google Trends.“

Both of them are always being compared in finding the right keywords or content topics for social media marketing and influencers. The difference between them is the process of how you will obtain a trending hot topic. 

That’s all for this article. Check the full episode to get more tips from David.

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