Cloris Kylie Shared How She Managed To Continue Being An Influencer Despite Challenges. | 035

Full Name
     Cloris Kylie

Other Names

     Simsbury, CT USA

     YouTube: Cloris Kylie
     LinkedIn: Cloris Kylie
     Facebook: @ClorisKylie
     Instagram: @cloris_kylie
     Twitter: @cloriskylie

“I was going to quit. I was ready. I woke up and I said, ‘Okay this is my decision. I’m quitting.’”

Cloris Kylie is an influencer, an author and a performance coach. She’s the host of a podcast show called “Beyond Influencer Marketing,” and authored a book with the same title.

Most of us have probably experienced quitting on to something, and Cloris is not an exemption to that. Cloris thought of quitting as an influencer. It was discouraging for Cloris seeing no results, feeling that no one was interacting with her or not even one was interested in her works.

“If you face a challenge, you should say to yourself, ‘It’s okay; it’s normal. It’s going to happen. This was meant to happen; it’s fine.’”

Have you ever been to an edge of the road like Cloris where you feel like quitting whatever you’re doing and find something else that might work?

Was there a snapping voice in your head saying “hey, come back! Have faith in yourself.”?

Like many other warriors on the battlefield, Cloris stood up and recovered from that “quitting moment”. She fought until she was able to do what she wanted until people started listening and reading her work. Challenges are a part of life. It’s always there, and it is meant to make you stronger over the course of time.

“If you make decisions out of frustration or fear, that’s when things start to get worse.”

Your mind is clouded with frustrations, anger, and fear. You can’t think straight. Making decisions in this state would make things worse. There’s nothing good about decision-making if you’re doing it with a wrong mindset. Cloris almost quit, but after deciding to go for a long walk and cleared her mind, she was able to think positively and was able to convert the challenge into a success.

“No matter where you’re at or what stage your business is in, you will encounter challenges. That’s just the way it is.”

Trials come in many forms and no one is exempted from it. These are part of our lives. But the good thing is, you’re not alone. Everyone experiences it. Bumps are there for you to slow down, contemplate, and refocus your energy on what seems to be the most authentically right for you. It’s like life itself redirects you to the right path.

Cloris’ story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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