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     England, United Kingdom

     YouTube: @CapgunTom
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“Always go for what you’re passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting views or not. Value the views for what they are.”

CapgunTom has grown to over 1M subscribers and over 270M views on YouTube. As well as over 200k followers on Instagram and Twitter. Today we’ll deep dive into WHY Tom is influencing, what barriers he has overcome, and his tips/tricks to growing your influence.

Capguntom Podcast Interview talking about how and why he shares FIFA content. Tom announces his desire to start an investing YouTube channel. He explains the value of his Qutee community and also gives us unintended consequences that he’s received. Don’t miss out on the tips/tricks he shared to starting and growing your influence on YouTube and other platforms.

For CapgunTom, this conversation got him thinking more about his purpose and drive about what he’s doing. So, this does not only impact you as our listener but surprisingly, it also speaks to the guests themselves.

Be inspired with some of Tom’s encouraging words below:

“We all have the need to make money. But when I found my passion making videos on YouTube, I knew I wouldn’t be as happy doing anything else out there.”

“For those aren’t sharing yet, start sharing. Your ideas will all be in your head if you won’t start posting and getting feedback from your viewers.”

CapgunTom’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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