How to Find Podcast Sponsors and How to Negotiate With Them With Jacob Southerland | 045

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     Jacob Southerland


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Jacob helps podcasters get sponsorships. He is currently working with 20 different podcasts, helping them get and maintain strategic sponsors. He’s very familiar with what sponsors are looking for and how to negotiate despite possibly having very little current listener base.

In this episode, Jacob has given us tips on how to have sponsors and advertisements in podcasting. 

“But ultimately, these sponsors are looking for good quality content.”

First, let’s go to the basics. We all know that before engaging with something or someone, we want the best or of good quality. Jacob has mentioned here that sponsors don’t base on numbers whether you have a bunch of followers or subscribers or not. They are looking at the skills. They want those people who are really worth investing money into. But what does it take to be in good quality?

“There’s a couple of more things that go into that such as a broadcast schedule… So not only do you need good content, but you need good content that people know where to look for, they know when to look for.”

Sponsors do not look at the numbers you are in but they look at whether you know how to build your audience. Having a broadcast schedule means you have the platforms to engage with your audience. You have a strong social media management system.

“Another big thing at this point in time is what they call syndicating.”

Syndicating in a way that your podcast episodes are always available on different social media platforms. There are a variety of mediums that are possible to connect with people nowadays. Locate your medium. Make sure that yours are easy to find.

“You’ve got 750,000 podcasts that are pumping out content. So you’ve got to find a way to separate yourself. You find your niche, you find what you specialize in, and you could probably talk best about that.”

“Be unique,” is cliche advice but it is often one of the forgotten truths, and people often need reminders. You need to come up with something that when people talk about it, they will remember you. You have to create an identity that makes you, you. Sponsors want a fresh new idea that they can support.

There are much more advice and ways on how to get sponsorships and advertisements for your podcast. If you’re looking for sponsors or ways to negotiate with sponsors, I strongly suggest giving this episode a listen!

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