Ben Killoy: A Military Veteran Dad Shares The Importance Of Podcasting. | 037

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     Ben Killoy

Other Names

    Janesville, WI USA


     Facebook: @militaryveterandad
     Instagram: @ben_killoy
     Instagram: @militaryveterandad
     Twitter: @BenKilloy

“I can save an entire family from losing their father.”

Ben Killoy is the host of Military Veteran Dad podcast. He helps Military Veteran Dads to be more connected to their families as well as their kids. He has over 65 episodes in his podcast.

Did you ever experience saving someone? Saving someone from a life and death situation, from getting a failing grade, being kicked out of the company, or saving someone who’s about to suicide. Ben has entirely focused his podcast with helping military veteran dads to be intact with their families. You might probably think how Ben was able to save an entire family from losing a father when he only does podcasting. 

“Be a voice, not an echo,” says Albert Einstein. A voice can entirely change someone’s life in an instant. By way of listening to others’ experiences, we learn, and by communicating, we turn our perspectives. Ben has talked continuously to military veteran dads to share not just to other military veteran dads but to all dads around the world about fatherhood.

“That voice is something the world needs to hear, and if you’re holding on to a story that is super powerful, maybe even super vulnerable, you need to share it.”

Our voice is so powerful that it can even hurt people if used negatively. However, it is a powerful tool to empower and inspire others. Never let yourself get eaten by your fears. Ben continuously helps people through his voice that creates changes that can be accessed by millions of people across the globe.

“The world is waiting for you to go first. So that way, someone else has permission to go second. And if you go first, you can inspire someone to go second, and that is so powerful because they’ll take a step in their life that they currently are too afraid of.”

“If you find a conversation worth sharing — find it, share it. Because that conversation needs to happen. It will slowly be how we start to bring the world back together.”

Sharing stories, conversations, and knowledge through podcasts is such a great idea to create another idea for others. It is a tool on how we understand concepts deeper, inspire ourselves to do better, and build advocacy. Using our voice to share conversation and stories are more valuable than sitting and just listening to others.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Ben only started using his passion to help dads and now he has grown an audience and now has a clearer vision to reach out to more dads like him and hopefully journey with them to a changed life.

In this interview, Ben shared his why and his passion in sharing your voice through podcasting.

Ben’s story is inspirational and this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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