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Full Name
     Nate Woodbury

Other Names

     Lehi, UT, USA


     YouTube: Nate Woodbury
     LinkedIn: Nate Woodbury
     Facebook: @NateWoodburyHero
     Facebook: @BeTheHeroStudios
     Twitter: @BeTheHeroStudio

Nate Woodbury is a Youtube producer who’s currently managing 9 daily Youtube channels, totaling 200 SEO optimized videos PER MONTH! He is the owner of Be The Hero Studio. His largest channel generates over $1M per month. All were from organic YouTube traffic. He has his own Youtube channels, named after his name, garners over 47.7k+ subscribers with 4M views, and 626 uploads. 

Nate has a team of 14 employees from the Philippines who works with him in the back end. As a Youtube expert, Nate shared in the episode a lot of tips and advice on how to manage your channel well. One of those was his secret ingredient in handling your Youtube videos.

“…ingredient number one, you do keyword research to find those really specific questions.”

He calls this as Leaf Strategy. This is about doing some research on what most people search about a certain topic before filming. Gathering all that you have collected and put them all in your content video. He elaborated this one by demonstrating an example in the episode. He also offers Keyword Research free mini-course on his website.

“…ingredient number two, you want your episodes to be 10 minutes in length.”

This is the ideal time length for Youtube videos because the audience gets easily bored if you added many things and didn’t get to your point directly. 

“…ingredient number three, you want an average view duration of 45% or higher.”

One of your aims is to retain your viewers and encourage them to finish watching your video. If most of them fully watched it, Youtube will recognize it and recommend it on top of the search results.

“And then ingredient number four, you post five episodes per week. And if you follow those four ingredients, for four months, you’ll get a spike.”

He mentioned that these things were proven and tested. It won’t apply to you if one ingredient is missing. It requires all of them to be practiced in improving your SEO. 

He also added a bonus tip in his ingredients — having a custom thumbnail design.

“One of the important things is you do want to have a custom thumbnail design. “

Thumbnail is essential in advertising your video which makes people click on it to check it out. It is as important as the title. Make it compelling and interesting for people to click on. It does not require a permanent format. It can be changed through time. 

“You want your strategies like that to keep people engaged to keep people watching all the way to the end. And so, if you followed those four ingredients, and you’re just strategic, you’re mindful of ‘what can I do to make my content better?’. You really deliver value, then you’ll get suggestive traffic at the four-month mark.”

Nate has also discussed points on what to do and not to do in your video script flow by his example of ‘How to get rid of strep throat without antibiotics?’ video topic. This episode is worth your time for Nate generously delivered everything he knows about SEO and upgrading your Youtube channel.

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