AUDREY EMBER: Why Create Vlogs Similar to ConnorFranta? –with Audrey Huyghe | 004

Full Name
     Audrey Huyghe

Other Names
     Audrey Ember

     Chicago, IL, USA



Audrey Ember is an extremely skilled video creator and editor. She creates very high quality vlog videos about her personal life and experiences.

She’s known to try to replicate very difficult styles by top influencers and she enjoys sharing her learnings through the process.

Audrey is a big up and coming influencer and we’re really excited to have her on the show. This won’t be the last time we hear from Audrey on the Why Influence Podcast.

Listen to the episode to learn more.

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Watch one of Audrey Ember’s videos here!

Audrey Ember referenced the video below during the interview as an early inspiration. ‘Life Doesn’t Wait’ by ConnorFranta.